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Monastery Gardens
Monastery Gardens
Monastery Gardens

Made by the nuns of Holy Theophany Monastery, these goods are sure to please as gifts or to keep on hand for your own home. These products include a variety of creamed and regular honey, hand cream, lip balm and the popular Tort de Fructe Romanesc.

The honey products include cinnamon, ginger or regular creamed honey, and non-creamed honey. The creamed honey, in its variety of flavors, speaks for itself with its sweet, wholesome taste and thick texture.  The regular honey, available in one or three pounds, will not last long as it is so good!

Many people find the hand cream to soothe their chaffed hands like no other product. Made with a balance of Beeswax, Coconut and Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, this hand cream renews, restores and indeed rescues dry, chapped or callused skin. It works well to maintain healthy skin and for any scrapes or papercuts. The Hand Cream is available as Fragrance Free, Lavender or Evergreen (scented with essential oils). With a tweak to the same recipe, try it as a lip balm; Lavender, Honey Vanilla, Peppermint, or Fragrance Free. It will leave you smiling. 

The Tort de Fructe Romanesc is a delicious gourment dessert, made of nuts, dried fruits, honey, applesauce, gluten-free flour, a touch of sugar and lots of spices (serves 4-6 generously). This dense and rich round cake packs a punch of flavor with each bite. When the centurions and soldiers of the Roman and Byzantine Empire were sent out to protect their borders, they brought with them this tort in their traveling rations. Settling in present day Romania, they brough also their Latin lnaguage, foods, customs and a way-of-life that continue to enrich Romania to this day. 

Honey (3lb): $30.00
Honey (1lb): $10.00
Regular Creamed Honey (13oz): $10.00
Ginger Creamed Honey (13oz): $10.00
Cinnamon Creamed Honey (13oz): $10.00
Lavender Hand Cream (3.5oz): $8.00
Evergreen Hand Cream (3.5oz): $8.00
Fragrance Free Hand Cream (3.5oz): $8.00
Lavender Lip Balm (.75oz): $3.00
Peppermint Lip Balm (.75oz): $3.00
Honey Vanilla Lip Balm (.75oz): $3.00
Fragrance Free Lip Balm (.75oz): $3.00
Tort de Fructe Romanesc (11oz): $15.00
Prayer Ropes
Prayer Ropes
Prayer Ropes
Monastery Prayer Ropes

Handcrafted by the nuns of Holy Theophany Monastery, these prayer ropes come in a variety of colors and sizes (see picture and list below). Made to last, these prayer ropes are a real steal. Please note, each prayer rope is unique and may differ in details such as bead color, length of tassle, or style of cross. Materials used are acrylic rattail cord, wooden, plastic or metal beads, polyestor thread, and Cyanoacrylate glue.

Black 100 Knot Prayer Rope: $35.00
Dark Blue 100 Knot Prayer Rope: $35.00
Maroon 100 Knot Prayer Rope: $35.00
Black 50 Knot Prayer Rope: $20.00
Dark Blue 50 Knot Prayer Rope: $20.00
Maroon 50 Knot Prayer Rope: $20.00
Black 33 Knot Wrist Prayer Rope: $15.00
Dark Blue 33 Knot Wrist Prayer Rope: $15.00
Maroon 33 Knot Wrist Prayer Rope: $15.00
Children's Blue Prayer Rope: $15.00
Children's Pink Prayer Rope: $15.00

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