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Monastery Goods
Monastery Goods
Monastery Goods
Monastery Goods

Made by the nuns of Holy Theophany Monastery, these goods are sure to please as gifts or to keep on hand for your own home. These products include: practical and tasty honey products, Morning Bell light roast coffee and the popular Tort de Fructe Romanesc.

The honey products include varieties of creamed honey and regular honey, lotion tubes with various fragrances, and two kinds of lip balm. The creamed honey, in its Cinnamon, Ginger or pure Wildflower flavors, speaks for itself with its sweet and wholesome taste.  The regular honey, available in quart or pint sizes, will not last long as it is so good! Many people find the honey based lotion to soothe their chaffed hands like no other product. Made also with essential oils, these lotion and lip balm products are only best appreciated through frequent use!  

Morning Bell Coffee is the Monastery's coffee label which promotes a light roast coffee sure to meet you and your family and friends' caffeine needs. No extra fluff, just good ol' coffee.

The Tort de Fructe Romanesc is a vegan, naturally sweetened, and gluten-free spin on the Romanian delicacy made of nuts, fruits and spices (serves 4-6 generously). This dense nutrient-packed round cake packs a punch of flavor with each bite. Best served with coffee. 

Ginger Creamed Honey (13oz): $10.00
Cinnamon Creamed Honey (13oz): $10.00
Pure Wildflower Creamed Honey (13oz): $10.00
Wildflower Honey (1 qt): $30.00
Pure Blueberry Honey (1qt): $30.00
Pure Wildflower Honey (1 pint): $15.00
Blackberry Honey (1 pint): $15.00
Pure Blueberry Honey (1 pint): $15.00
Evergreen Lotion Tube (0.75oz): $5.00
Peppermint Lotion Tube (0.75oz): $5.00
Lavender Lotion Tube (0.75oz): $5.00
Fragrance Free Lotion Tube (0.75oz): $5.00
Peppermint Lip Balm: $3.00
Lavender Lip Balm: $3.00
Morning Bell Light Roast Coffee (12oz): $12.00
Tort de Fructe Romanesc: $15.00
Prayer Ropes
Prayer Ropes
Prayer Ropes
Monastery Prayer Ropes

Handcrafted by the nuns of Holy Theophany Monastery, these prayer ropes come in a variety of colors and sizes. Colors include Black, Royal Blue or Maroon. Sizes include the traditional 100-knot or the 33 knot wrist prayer rope. Also available are children's prayer ropes in light blue or light pink. These prayer ropes make perfect gifts or additions to your own prayer corner. 

Black 100 Knot Prayer Rope: $35.00
Royal Blue 100 Knot Prayer Rope: $35.00
Maroon 100 Knot Prayer Rope: $35.00
Black 33 Knot Wrist Prayer Rope: $15.00
Royal Blue 33 Knot Wrist Prayer Rope: $15.00
Maroon 33 Knot Wrist Prayer Rope: $15.00
Children's Blue Prayer Rope: $15.00
Children's Pink Prayer Rope: $15.00

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